Malawi: Thousands of refugees fleeing violence in Mozambique, Gov forces accused

Violence and unrest in Mozambique is impacting across the region, as thousands of people seek safety elsewhere. The country’s civil war raged from 1977-1992, displacing an estimated five million people and killing over a million more.

Al-Jazeera released this video report earlier today on the thousands of refugees fleeing violence in Mozambique. Some of those interview accuse Mozambique’s army of committing abuses – something we have seen several times in recent reports.

Around ten thousand people – men, women and children – are crowded into a refugee camp just inside the border with Malawi. Due to a lack of space and facilities to support them, they are being encourage to move to the Luwani refugee camp. This was set up during the long civil war that ravaged Mozambique and the Malawi Government recently reopened it, in order to better support this new wave of refugees.


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