Mauro Monciatti, a 65-year-old Italian diplomat, has been found dead in his Caracas apartment in suspicious circumstances. A police investigation is underway.

The city and country are currently experiencing high levels of unrest due to political challenges.


Italian consulate killed in Venezuela

Authorities say an Italian consulate employee who arrived in Venezuela just three months ago has been violently murdered.

Mauro Monciatti, 65, was found dead in his home in the Venezuelan capital by a colleague whose concern was raised after the man did not go to work. He had worked in the administrative offices of the consulate.

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From Sputnik

Italian Diplomat Dies in Venezuela Under Mysterious Circumstances

Italian Foreign Ministry confirmed the death of the diplomat to the broadcaster, adding that the reason behind the death was yet unknown, but an investigation was underway.

According to other media, citing Mauro Lorenzini, the consul of Italy, the situation did not resemble a robbery.

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