At the end of last month a Chinese engineer was injured in a targeted bombing by the Sindhudesh Revolutionary Army in a suburb of Karachi, Sindh province. The engineer, his driver and a passerby were wounded, but no one was killed.

The separatist group is attempting to deter Chinese investors in the region. Intelligence agencies had reportedly released warnings about threats to Chinese nationals and the engineer was travelling with his security guard at the time of the attack. The Chinese authorities have since raised the issue with the Pakistani Government.

From Reuters

Chinese worker wounded in Pakistani bomb attack

The Chinese man and his Pakistani driver were slightly wounded in the attack in the southern province of Sindh, provincial police chief Allah Dino Khawaja told Reuters.

“Apparently, the attack was aimed at the Chinese national,” Khawaja said, adding that the man was travelling with his driver and a security guard.

A low-intensity bomb went off by the road in a suburb of Karachi, Pakistan’s largest city, shattering the windows of the van the men were travelling in. Television footage showed construction helmets in a rear seat.

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From the Guardian

Chinese engineer and driver injured in Karachi separatist bombing

The unusual targeting of a Chinese worker in the sprawling port city will alarm the government, which is betting heavily on the $46bn China-Pakistan economic corridor (CPEC) to transform Pakistan’s moribund economy.

The two men were injured when a roadside bomb exploded at about 8.30am on Monday as their minibus passed through one of Karachi’s industrial quarters.

A piece of paper left at the scene was signed by the Sindhudesh Revolutionary Army, an obscure group seeking the independence of Sindh, one of Pakistan’s four regions.

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From India Today

Bomb attack on Chinese engineer: China asks Pakistan to protect its personnel

The ministry added that China had attached “high importance” to the incident and that the Embassy in Islamabad and Consulate-General in Karachi “instantly lodged representations with the Pakistani side, asking them to get to the bottom of this incident and take concrete measures to protect Chinese institutions and personnel”. Local Chinese have also been advised to “heighten their security alert”.

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From Geo TV

Warnings were out about SDLA plan to attack Chinese nationals

“A few months ago, intelligence agencies had informed the Sindh home department that the Sindhu Desh Liberation Army was planning to attack Chinese nationals working on power projects and other development schemes in the province,” a Karachi-based intelligence officer told The News.

The Sindhu Desh Liberation Army has been involved in many bomb attacks on government installations, especially railway tracks and state-run banks, in the province, said a police officer.

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