Yellow fever is spreading and demand for vaccinations has soared. Criminals are offering a solution to those that need a vaccination certificate yet have not been vaccinated – cheap certificates for sale. A reporter was offered 100 certificates for 5,000 shillings (just over $2 USD). This is very definitely illegal and could further exacerbate a growing health crisis.

A recent piece from the Economist underlined the potential for this to become a global pandemic, as travellers move back and forth between infected areas of Africa and as-yet-untouched Asia. The mosquito responsible for transmitting the disease, Aedes aegypti, is native to many parts of Asia.

If individuals game the system put in place to prevent this, stopping the spread will become much harder.

From the Citizen and All Africa

Tanzania: Fake Yellow Fever Certificates for Sale As Vaccine Runs Out

However, people bypass this procedure. In Tanzania, where the vaccine is reported to have run out, people have now opted to buy the certificates on a massive scale without actually being vaccinated against the disease.

“If you want one, don’t bother going into the vaccination room. The government has run out of the vaccine. Just look around the hospital and you will get this certificate,” a would-be traveller told this reporter.

A man outside the vaccination centre (name withheld) assured this reporter that he could get as many as 100 certificates for Sh5,000 each if there were “enough” people who desperately needed the documents.

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