On Wednesday, gunmen abducted between 40-50 people travelling on buses in Kunduz. Seven people were able to escape, but the rest remain hostages.

At the end of last month gunmen in Ali Abad abducted around 200 people, searching for individuals employed by the Government. Ten people were killed in that incident. Last week gunmen abducted 17 Hazara from the province of Sar-e Pol.

From the BBC

Afghan Taliban seize dozens of hostages in Kunduz

The Afghan Taliban have kidnapped up to 40 people on the main road through the northern province of Kunduz, officials say.

A witness said Taliban gunmen stopped buses and took hostages just outside Kunduz city, the provincial capital.

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From Voice of America

Afghan Officials Dispute Reported Mass Kidnapping in Kunduz

Gen. Mohammad Qaseem Jangalbagh, the Kunduz provincial police chief, said the bus was carrying 47 passengers and security forces managed to rescue a few of them. He said police are now planning an operation for the release of the rest.
However Sated Mahmood Danish, a spokesman for Kunduz’s governor, told VOA’s Afghan service that only 18 passengers were abducted and 10 have already been freed. He said the passengers on the bus were all civilians who were deported from Iran and just wanted to go home.

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From Stars and Stripes

7 escape after Taliban kidnap 47 bus passengers in Kunduz

The passengers were seized while traveling from neighboring Takhar province to Kunduz, said Hijratullah Akbari, spokesman for the Kunduz provincial police. Insurgents stopped the bus on the highway between Khan Abad and Kunduz city.

Akbari said the abductors were Taliban, though the group has not claimed responsibility for the incident.

The seven who escaped fled during a clash between the insurgents and police, Sayed Mahmood Danish, a spokesman for the provincial governor, said.

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From Al Jazeera

Afghan Taliban abducts 40 passengers on Kunduz highway

The attackers stopped two vehicles – a 50-seater bus and a station wagon – in Khanabad district on the road from Kunduz city to Takhar, police spokesman Mahfuzullah Akbari said on Wednesday.

Seven people managed to escape, Akbari added.

Taliban gunmen are increasingly staging ambushes on provincial highways and main roads in their war – now in its 15th year – to overthrow the Kabul government.

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