Canadian hostage Robert Hall has reportedly been killed by his Abu Sayyaf captors in the southern Philippines. We will add more information as it becomes available.

Mr Hall was abducted alongside fellow Canadian John Ridsdel, Norwegian Kjartan Sekkignstad and Filipina Maritess Flor from Samal Island, near Davao City, in September last year. Mr Ridsdel was beheaded on Monday 25th of April after an earlier deadline passed.

A video released around in May demanded a ransom of around USD $16m and set the deadline of June 13th. It is not clear whether all three remaining hostages were threatened with death, or just Mr Hall.

In April the group demanded a ransom of 300 million pesos (just under USD $6.5m ) each to be paid by 15:00 on the 25th of April, or Mr Ridsdel would be killed. At least three other videos were released – the first video of the hostages was released in October, a second video in November, and the third video, with the deadline of the 8th of April, was shared in early March.

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From Al Jazeera

Abu Sayyaf groups beheads another Canadian hostage

The Abu Sayyaf group has beheaded another Canadian hostage held on a southern Philippine island after ransom demands apparently were not met.

Robert Hall was confirmed dead on Monday by a military source who spoke to Al Jazeera on condition of anonymity prior to the official announcment. 

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From the Star

Abu Sayyaf kills another Canadian hostage as deadline lapses

Abu Sayyaf terrorists killed one of its hostages in Sulu on Monday afternoon, after the 3pm deadline for the payment of a 600mil Peso (RM53.2mil) ransom lapsed.

Abu Raami, the designated spokesperson of the Abu Sayyaf, told The Philippine Inquirer by phone that they had killed Canadian Robert Hall.

Raami said Hall’s body would be found somewhere in Jolo town on Monday.

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