Mountain rescue services saved a group of 60 hikers after their unqualified guide reportedly got drunk and abandoned them on a mountain in the Alps.

From the Telegraph

Drunk guide abandons hikers in Austrian mountains

The 60-strong group from Hungary were forced to call mountain rescue services to help them find their way back to civilisation.

The hikers set off at around 3pm local time (2pm BST) on Saturday with an unqualified guide from a Hungarian trekking association to explore the Rax mountain range in eastern Austria, according to local police.

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From the Independent

Drunk guide leaves 60 hikers stranded after abandoning them in Austrian Alps

When they were brought back down the mountain by 12 mountain rescuers, the guide was found to have descended on his own and did not explain his disappearance.

He did however claim he was not drunk and had not had any alcohol during the trip. The man did not have to face the breathalyser as no one was hurt during the incident, police said.

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