Reuters brings reports that militants boarded an offshore Chevron platform in the Angolan enclave of Cabinda in May, and told foreign workers to leave. Chevron has declined to comment and the local authorities have denied the existence of the group.

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From Reuters

Rebels alive and kicking in Angolan petro-province, oil workers say

Men claiming to belong to a rebel group fighting for independence of the oil-rich Angolan province of Cabinda boarded an offshore Chevron gas platform in late May and threatened foreign petroleum workers, two industry sources said.

The incident is a rare sign of the simmering instability in Cabinda, a heavily guarded territory that accounts for half the oil output from Africa’s top petroleum producer.

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From the Angola Press and All Africa

Angola: Cabinda – Border Police Redouble Measures to Combat Fuel Smuggling

The Border Police (PGF) will step up measures to combat fuel smuggling in order to continue ensuring border security in the northern Cabinda province, said on Sunday, the superintendent, José Estevão Mingas.

Speaking to local media, the police high-ranked officer stressed that the situation is worrying because there has been an increase of this illegal practice so the corporation will reinforce the control measures of this evil with the purchase of sophisticated and technical surveillance equipment.

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From Condé Nast Traveler

Cabinda: The Tiny Oil-Rich Corner of Africa Everyone’s Fighting Over

Why is Angola so reluctant to give up a tiny, isolated sliver of territory, one that it takes a plane flight, a ferry ride, or 11 hours on dusty Congolese roads just to get to? Because oil was discovered off Cabinda in 1967, and the region now provides around two-thirds of the oil revenue that propels Angola’s economy. The Republic of Cabinda still operates a hopeful government-in-exile from across the Congolese border and out of offices in Paris, but no other nation on earth even recognizes its existence.

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