Reuters reports that the head of the Kabul Criminal Investigation Department has sent out pamphlets advising individuals and organisations on what security measures they should take, including hiring security guards and not travelling around the city.

This advice comes in the wake of the kidnapping of an experience aid worker, Judith D’Souza, from the middle of Kabul last week. Afghanistan has experienced many abductions in recent months, though most of these have been outside the capital.

From Reuters

Afghan police tell foreigners in Kabul to stay in or hire guards

“All foreign citizens and their offices in Afghanistan are terrorists’ targets … the kidnapping and criminal threat is very serious,” he told Reuters. “This will be prevented only if they use security guards and escorts.”

One document distributed by Obaidi’s officers to private homes and organization instructs residents to take a variety of security measures, including using armed police escorts if necessary.

But national security officials have distanced themselves from the police efforts, after critics complained that the measures were counterproductive and did not reduce the threats facing residents.

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