On Saturday evening a Swedish man was shot and his girlfriend beaten as they walked back to a hotel in the Pétionville area of Port-au-Prince.

Two days earlier, an American medical student was shot in the hand and chest during a robbery in the city. She was part of a medical programme at the time of the incident and has been flown back to Miami for further treatment.

Swedish tourists

From Chron and the AP

Swedish tourist killed by gunmen in Haiti capital

On Monday, Sweden’s honorary consul general in Haiti, Gregoire Fouchard, identified the man as Johan Noren. The vacationer was shot in the chest Saturday evening during an apparent robbery on a well-traveled street in Petionville.

Noren’s Swedish girlfriend was “beaten badly” by the gun-wielding assailants but is recovering, Fouchard said.

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American medical student

From ABC News

Tulane: Med Student Shot, Wounded in Haiti Armed Robbery

A medical student from Tulane who was in Haiti as part of a school program to promote maternal and child health was shot and wounded during an armed robbery, the university said.

Marc Kahn Sr. Associate Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs at the Tulane School of Medicine said in a statement Friday that the student was shot in the hand and chest in Port au Prince on Thursday.

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From the Times-Picayune

Tulane medical student shot in Haiti during armed robbery

The student is stable and being flown from a Haitian hospital to a hospital in Miami for treatment of gunshot wounds to her hand and chest. She and eight other students were in Haiti as part of a School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine maternal and child health program operating in Petionville, a town on the edge of the island nation’s capital city of Port au Prince.

The two students were in Port au Prince when they were robbed around 6:45 p.m., university officials said. The remaining students in the program have left Haiti.

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‘Commando’ attacks

From IHS Janes

Foreign nationals and firms in Haiti face increasing risk of violence involving firearms as security environment deteriorates

The incidents coincide with a number of firearm attacks on 23 and 24 June by what local media have described as an “armed commando” that shot at foreign and locally owned businesses including the Marriot hotel, Telecom providers Natcom and Digicel, vehicle retailers Behrmann Motors and Automeca, and Haitian banking group Sogebank, all located in or around the Pétionville and Delmas areas.

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