On Friday evening, militants launched an attack at the Holey Artisan Bakery cafe in Gulshan, Dhaka. Around 35 people were taken hostage by a group of young men, who then separated them according to religion. During the 10-hour stand off, twenty people were hacked to death with sharp weapons, mostly machetes. Thirteen hostages were freed. The victims included ‘nine Italians, seven Japanese, one Indian, one US citizen of Bangladeshi origin and two Bangladeshis.’

Bangladesh has seen multiple incidents recently in which individuals have been killed, often in stabbings. In May, a Hindu businessman was stabbed to death, while a doctor was killed and a university teacher injured in a different attack.

At the start of June, a businessman was killed near his church in Notore, hours after the wife of a top policeman was shot dead in a separate incident in Chittagong. Days later, a Hindu priest was killed on his way to temple.

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