We asked a couple of experts for advice on what people should do if they are in Turkey or planning to visit in the coming days. If you are set to leave in the next few days, we recommend researching the situation thoroughly – contact your travel agent, your airline and your hotel. Ask the embassy for advice. Make sure you have appropriate travel insurance and support – read the small print.

If you are in Turkey at present, we hope this advice is of some use to you. Stay safe!

What to do if you are in Istanbul, Ankara or another place that feels unsafe

What to do if you have trips to Turkey planned for the coming days

Will my travel insurance cover this?

What to do if you are stuck in an airport in Turkey

Stay informed

Follow #Turkey on social media, though we recommend you treat the information shared with caution. Try to find respected and verified sources.

Tune in to a news channel you trust. Check reliable newspaper websites.

Bloomberg are running this live feed that might be of interest and use.

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