A businessman was abducted by six men impersonating police officers who demanded a ransom – who then released him when he explained he was deep in debt and unable to pay.

We would not recommend trying to replicate this should you find yourself in the same position. If you or your clients are at risk of kidnapping, we highly recommend speaking to trained professionals who will be able to provide appropriate advice and security.


Businessman Allegedly Abducted, Let Off After Saying He Is Deep In Debt

A 46-year-old businessman, allegedly abducted by some persons in Tirupur district was let off after he told them that he was deep in debt and could pay them only a small fraction of the ransom amount they demanded.

Six persons, disguised as policemen, allegedly accosted Arumugam as he was returning home last night and took him inside a car on the pretext of an enquiry. They then sought details of his property and demanded that he pay Rs. 6 crore as ransom, police said.

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