It has been reported that a North Korean citizen has sought refuge at the South Korean consulate in Hong Kong earlier this week.

North Korea has accused South Korea of abducting previous defectors, and Seoul recently warned citizens about potential retaliation by the hermit kingdom. This latest development will likely cause further complications.

From Reuters

N.Korean seeks refuge in South Korean consulate in Hong Kong – report

Security was tightened at the South Korean consulate in Hong Kong on Thursday after media reports that a North Korean, possibly a student, had sought refuge there.

The North Korean is understood to be a member of a delegation that attended an ­academic competition at a Hong Kong university two weeks ago, the South China Morning Post said, citing government sources in the Chinese-ruled city.

A student who assisted at a maths olympiad held at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) told Reuters the organising committee of the competition asked for help on July 16 to track down an 18-year-old North Korean who had gone missing after the contest.

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