In the middle of the night Taliban forces attacked Northgate Hotel, a fortified guesthouse compound near Bagram airbase that houses foreign contractors. Guests and staff at the hotel are unhurt, but a policeman was killed during the operation and three more were wounded. The militants were reportedly unsuccessful in their attempts to enter the compound.

From the BBC

Kabul explosion: Foreign compound targeted by Taliban

A huge explosion was heard across the city about 01:25 local time on Monday (20:55 GMT Sunday).

Kabul police chief Abdel Rahman Rahimi told the BBC a lorry bomb went off at the gate of the North Gate compound and then two gunmen went inside.

In a gun battle one police officer and both attackers were killed, and the attack is now over, police say.

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From Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

Truck Bomber, Gunmen Attack Foreigners’ Hotel In Kabul

Roads in the neighborhood were blocked off by Afghan security forces and columns of vehicles with Afghan troops and police were deployed in the area.

Afghan media reported that forces from NATO’s Resolute Force mission also were involved in what correspondents described as a “clearing operation.”

Correspondents also reported hearing the sound of rocket-propelled grenades being launched and exploding within the heavily guarded compound to the east of Kabul’s international airport.

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From the Times of India

Kabul hotel attack ends, 3 Taliban attackers killed: Police

The powerful Taliban truck bomb struck a guesthouse housing foreigners in Kabul. Northgate, close to the US-run Bagram air base north of Kabul, houses foreign contractors and is a heavily guarded compound with blast walls and watchtowers.

The Taliban said the truck bomb at a guest house belonging to “American invaders” paved the way for their fighters to enter the facility with rocket-propelled grenades and small arms.

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From Al-Jazeera

Taliban truck bomb hits Northgate Hotel in Kabul

Three policemen were wounded during a battle with insurgents as they tried to enter the hotel through a gap made when they detonated a truck filled with explosives, General Abdul Rahman Rahimi, head of Kabul police, said.

“Two of our police patrols got to the scene immediately after the initial blast,” General Rahimi said.

The Taliban failed to enter Northgate, a facility providing life-support services to foreign military personnel in the Afghan capital.

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