While on a business trip to a city he had visited several times before, Brandon Dunphy was robbed a gun point on an evening stroll near his hotel.

Crimes like this one can happen to even the most experienced of travellers. If you or your clients have employees that travel for business, please ensure your duty of care procedures cover incidents like this.

From Fox 4

Business traveler pistol-whipped in the mouth during robbery attempt near Plaza

A man visiting Kansas City on a business trip is now having second thoughts about coming back to the Plaza, after he became the victim of a violent armed robbery.

Police said he was one of several people robbed at gunpoint during a crime spree that took place over a 90-minute period early Wednesday morning.

“I always thought it was a really, really nice neighborhood, a really nice part of town,” said Brandon Dunphy of the Country Club Plaza and surrounding area. “I never would’ve expected anything like that to ever happen there.”

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