Bernie Ecclestone’s pilot, Jorge Eurico da Silva Faria, has been arrested for masterminding the abduction of Aparecida Schunk, Mr Ecclestone’s mother-in-law. Police have also arrested the two men who carried out the kidnapping. Ms Schunk was abducted from her home in Interlagos, São Paulo, on Friday 22nd July.

From the AFP

F1 boss Ecclestone’s pilot held for mother-in-law kidnap

The pilot, Jorge Eurico da Silva Faria, “planned the kidnapping and knew these people’s routines,” said the Sao Paulo state security service.

It said the pilot worked for Ecclestone’s family. Brazilian news reports said he had also worked for Ecclestone personally.

Schunck, who was kidnapped on July 22, was rescued by the police in a massive night-time raid in the city of Cotia, in the greater Sao Paulo area.

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From the Guardian

Ecclestone mother-in-law rescued after kidnappers made series of errors

A series of accidents and errors by bungling kidnappers led to the release – apparently with no shots fired and no ransom paid – of Bernie Ecclestone’s mother-in-law after nine days in captivity in Brazil, it has emerged.

Aparecida Schunk was found tied-up but unharmed in a rented flat on Sunday night in Cotia, a low-income district of São Paulo, after armed police from the city’s anti-kidnap division smashed down the garage door and stormed the building.

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From the Sun

Revealed, how cops tracked this one white car which led them to kidnappers holding F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone’s mother-in-law

Investigators used security camera images of the white car involved in the kidnapping of Ms Aparecida Schunck to track the culprits.

This gave them their first lead which was decisive in solving the case.

Investigators found fingerprints of one of the suspected kidnappers, Davi Vicente Azevedo, in the Ms Schunck’s abandon white fiesta 25 miles away in a street near the Raposo Tavares Highway.

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From the Mirror

Bernie Ecclestone’s helicopter pilot arrested for being ‘mastermind behind kidnap of F1 chief’s mother-in-law’

Following the successful rescue, head of police, Elizabete Ferreira Sato, said they were now looking for those believed to have ordered the kidnapping, saying: “There are other people involved.

“The house where Schunck was held for nine days is located in a poor neighbourhood of Cotia.

The kidnappers had held their victim hostage “right under the noses” of their landlord and his wife in the apartment they had rented for the past three months.

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