On Sunday, Daesh militants attacked two oil facilities near Kirkuk, resulting in multiple deaths.

Five workers were killed in the first attack at the AB2 facility, and a further 15 were rescued after hiding in a room.

At the Bai Hassan site, several staff were taken hostage. Two of the hostage takers were killed by security forces, a third detonated his suicide vest and a fourth remains at large. At least one member of staff was killed in the explosion and several were wounded.

From CNN

Militants killed, hostages freed after ISIS attack on oil field near Kirkuk, Iraq

An ISIS hostage-taking at an oil field near the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk has ended with the attackers killed and their captives safely freed, a senior security source in the city told CNN.

Four hostages — employees of the Iraqi North Oil Company — were taken captive after four attackers, believed to be wearing suicide vests, stormed the Bai Hassan oil field northwest of Kirkuk on Sunday, the source said.

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From the Guardian

Militants storm Iraq’s Bai Hassan oilfield and gas facility near Kirkuk

Gunmen on motorbikes opened fire on the facility’s guards, then killed four of its employees and planted bombs before escaping, officials from Iraq’s North Oil Company and Kurdish peshmerga forces said on Sunday.

Militants also attacked the nearby Bai Hassan oilfield, the largest in oil-rich Kirkuk province, killing an engineer and causing a major fire, officials said. Attacks inside Kurdish-controlled areas of the province are rare.

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From Swiss Info

Islamic State attacks two energy plants in north Iraq, kills five

The first attack, on the AB2 gas compressor station, about 15 km (10 miles) northwest of Kirkuk, started around 0300 (0000 GMT) when four gunmen with hand grenades broke through an external door in an attack that left two guards in critical condition.

They then shot dead four employees in a control room inside and planted explosives charges, around five of which went off, the sources said.

Forces from the elite counter-terrorism service stormed the facility, regained control and freed 15 other employees who had hidden in a separate room.

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