Sixteen students staying at the Ibiza Villas 2000 complex are among the most recent victims of gangs targeting tourists on the island. The group lost £8,500 in cash, as well as cameras, jewellery, club tickets, clothes, perfume and shoes in the robbery. Another nearby villa was robbed on the same evening.

From the Sun

Students on first Ibiza holiday left distraught after burglar slashed their suitcases and stole all their money

Luke Peppe, owner of the travel company, said the villas get targetted up to five times a year and added there are problems in the area with gangs targeting vulnerable tourists.

He said: “To give you an idea what we are up against, a gang was arrested in San Antonio that included a police officer.

“Unfortunately, Ibiza is like any other tourist resort where criminals thrive. They prey on tourists in the streets, in hotels, clubs beaches apartments and villas.”

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