A private mini-bus carrying Chinese tourists was pelted with stones in Belfast last week in at attack that smashed the rear-window and left the passengers shaken. The incident happened on Falls Road, near Divis Tower, and police are appealing for witnesses.

From the BBC

Chinese tourist family left shaken after Belfast bus attack

A family from China has been left shaken after a bus they were touring Belfast in was pelted with stones.

They were travelling on the Falls Road, near Divis Tower, on Wednesday afternoon.

Mark Coulter, of McComb’s Coach Travel, who was driving the bus, said the firm had contacted the police.

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From the Belfast Telegraph

A brick attack on a bus carrying Chinese tourists visiting Belfast has been condemned as the work of thugs.

The rear window of the private minibus was smashed around 4.45pm yesterday as it drove past Divis tower in west Belfast.

No one was injured in the incident, but the passengers who had arrived by private jet that morning were too upset to continue their tour and spent their first night in Belfast back at the hotel.

Coach driver Mark Coulter was also badly shaken when he was threatened by four male youths when he stopped the vehicle near St Peter’s Cathedral.

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