A Pakistani military helicopter crashed – or was shot down – in Logar province, Afghanistan, on Thursday of last week and the seven crew have been taken hostage by the Taliban. The aircraft was on its way to Uzbekistan for maintenance at the time of the incident and the pilot is believed to be Russian.

From Dawn

Punjab govt’s helicopter crash-lands in Afghanistan; Taliban set it on fire, take crew hostage

A Punjab government Mi-17 helicopter crash landed on Thursday in Afghanistan’s Logar province where Taliban insurgents took the crew hostage before setting the helicopter on fire.

DawnNews reported the helicopter had seven people onboard at the time of the incident, and was on its way for maintenance to Uzbekistan.

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From the Express Tribune

Taliban confirm all aboard crashed Punjab govt helicopter being held

“All crew members, including a Russian national, are in the custody of the Taliban commanders in their controlled areas in Logar,” Taliban sources confirmed to The Express Tribune.

“They all are safe and a final decision will be taken by the leadership,” a Taliban source said.

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From the News

TTP denies taking seven Punjab copter crew hostage

Mohammad Khurassani, a spokesman of the proscribed Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), headed by Maulana Fazlullah Khorasani, on Sunday reacted to a previous claim made by a purported spokesman for a little known militant faction, TTP Hakimullah Mehsud group, saying there is only TTP and that is led by Maulana Fazlullah Khorasani.

A militant, Qari Saifullah had earlier called a section of the Pakistani media and introduced himself as a spokesman for TTP Hakimullah Mehsud group, claiming their group had shot down the Pakistani helicopter in Afghanistan’s Logar province and held all the seven officials, one of them Russian pilot, hostage.

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