Over the weekend a further nine soldiers were wounded and ten were killed in clashes in Cabinda. FLEC also issued a statement calling for China to ‘repatriate all its citizens in the oil-producing area as their presence “constitutes a provocation”‘.

From Reuters

Death toll in Angola’s oil-rich Cabinda rises to nearly 40

Ten Angolan soldiers were killed and nine wounded in fighting with rebels in the country’s oil-producing Cabinda enclave, bringing the death toll since a flare-up in the conflict to nearly 40, the separatist guerrilla group said on Monday.

The high command of the Front for the Liberation of the Enclave of Cabinda (FLEC), which wants independence for a territory that accounts for half of Angola’s oil output, has toughened its stance since the death of its 88-year-old founder Nzita Tiago earlier this year in exile in France.

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