Four American swimmers, including gold medallist Ryan Lochte, were robbed at gunpoint on their way home from a birthday party at France House in the early hours of Sunday morning. The gunmen were driving an unmarked car and pulled over the Americans’ cab, flashing their police badges in the process.

There was some confusion as the International Olympic Committee and/or the US Olympic Committee initially denied the reports. More on that below.

You can watch the NBC exclusive interview with Ryan Lochte here –

As Billy Bush says towards the end of the interview, in this situation ‘don’t be a hero – if somebody says get down on the ground and they’ve got a gun, you get down on the ground.’

From the Telegraph

US swimmer Ryan Lochte held up at gunpoint at party in Rio

Ryan Lochte, won gold in Brazil in the 4x200m freestyle relay, and three other American swimmers were out celebrating when they were robbed at gunpoint early on Sunday by thieves posing as police officers who stopped their taxi and took their money and belongings.

In the latest security incident to hit the Rio de Janeiro Games, the 12-time Olympic medalist told NBC that one of the robbers put a gun to his forehead before taking his wallet. No one was injured.

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From the NY Post

Cabbie may have been in on robbery of Ryan Lochte, teammates

The Team USA swimmers who were robbed at gunpoint while leaving a party in Rio may have been set up by their cabbie.

Rio’s former police chief speculated Monday that the driver bringing the four swimmers, including gold medalist Ryan Lochte, back to Olympic Village could have been in cahoots with the armed robbers who were involved in the Sunday stickup.

“Where is the taxi driver?” Ubiratan Angelo told NBC News. “[He] disappeared. Nobody knows.”

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