The father of a British man who died in Bulgaria from blood poisoning has warned young people to make sure they have valid travel insurance before they go on holiday.

Many people travel without insurance – we strongly advise you to avoid being one of them.

From the Mirror

Sick British tourist dies in Bulgaria after insurance hitch meant he couldn’t be flown home

A British holidaymaker died from suspected blood poisoning days after his insurers refused to fly him home for life-saving treatment.

Michael Doyle, 29, took out travel insurance for a holiday to Sunny Beach in Bulgaria – but the policy did not cover being airlifted home.

His devastated mother Mandy tried to get him flown back to the UK but claimed his insurance company failed to help.

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From BBC Newsbeat

Grieving dad’s travel insurance warning

“I’m concerned about any young ones going on holiday, make sure that the insurance company are valid and if they have any underlying problems tell the company.

“He had an NHS card but the walk in clinic took him to a private hospital because he was so severe and it was closest. The bill for the treatment a couple of weeks ago was 25,000 euros and it’s probably gone a lot higher than that.”

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