Earlier this week the Associated Press reported on a brutal attack on a the residents of a hotel compound in Juba, in which aid workers were gang-raped, beaten and robbed, and a local reporter was killed. Multiple eyewitnesses stated Americans were deliberately targeted. One woman says she was raped by 15 soldiers.

Guests of the Terrain hotel alerted the UN, the US embassy, various battalions, but no-one intervened in the rampage that lasted several hours. The AP account is chilling, and includes a timeline of when the UN soldiers were notified of various developments. An investigation is underway.

Highly recommend reading this very grim article – it will surely have serious duty of care ramifications.

From the AP

Rampaging South Sudan troops raped foreigners, killed local

The soldier pointed his AK-47 at the female aid worker and gave her a choice.

“Either you have sex with me, or we make every man here rape you and then we shoot you in the head,” she remembers him saying.

She didn’t really have a choice. By the end of the evening, she had been raped by 15 South Sudanese soldiers.

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