On Wednesday evening gunmen attacked the American University of Afghanistan in Kabul. At least twelve people were killed and 44 injured in the attack, which comes just over two weeks after two professors at the university were abducted.

From ABC News

Kabul attack: 12 dead and 44 injured at American University, Afghan forces kill two gunmen

Afghan security forces have killed two gunmen who attacked the American University in Kabul, police said, ending an assault on the compound that killed at least 12 people and sent hundreds of students fleeing in panic.

Seven students, three police and two security guards were killed during the attack, police said — 44 other people, including 35 students, were injured.

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NPR has this chilling interview with a student at the University –

Police Respond To Attack At American University Of Afghanistan In Kabul


An attack on the American University of Afghanistan has left at least one person dead and more than a dozen others injured. Freshta Ibrahimi is a senior at the school. She just walked out of a campus cafeteria with a group of friends when she heard the attack begin.

FRESHTA IBRAHIMI: We were talking, and we were having chat and were just laughing, and we heard the gunfire. We were shocked – and suddenly the bomb blast. I saw red color, and that color was from the blast.

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