Before signing off for the bank holiday weekend, we wanted to draw your attention to several key stories and trends from the last few weeks. We will be back on Tuesday morning with a new feature for you. Don’t forget to join us on Wednesday afternoon for the #KRQA, where we will be discussing kidnapping in Mexico. (More details here.)

We recently tweaked the sidebar to make it easier for you to research destinations – just type in where (or what) you want to know about and, if we’ve covered it, the results will appear.


Our most recent features for you to enjoy, bookmark and share as you see fit-

Difficult destinations


We asked the experts ‘is it safe to go to Turkey?‘ – read their answers here.

You can read more recent news from Turkey here. We strongly urge people considering a visit to read up on the region they will be visiting and to take appropriate steps.


There have been some serious political developments of late, against a backdrop of increasing shortages and hardship. Read more here.


President Duterte declared war on the drug dealers and the bodies are starting to pile up. Read more about this and other issues in the Philippines here.


Iran has recently arrested several dual nationals. We will continue to follow this topic closely – please click here to read coverage to date.

Issues and topics

Travel insurance

Travel insurance is really important. We regularly include incidents where individuals did not have sufficient coverage – read about what can and does go wrong here.


LGBT travellers can face additional issues when travelling. Read up on our latest LGBT coverage here.


You can catch up on recent kidnap, ransom, hostage and hijacking stories here. You can also subscribe to our K+R Weekly Update here. (It’s free!)


For coverage of recent health-related events, please click here. This includes South Korea’s cholera outbreak, Chikungaya outbreak in Delhi, Syphilis in Brazil, what you need to know about mosquitoes, and more. Well worth a skim.

Law enforcement

Police, security forces and cops – if it involves law enforcement, you can read about it here.

Duty of Care

To read the pieces we think have duty of care implications, please click here.

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