A new video that reportedly shows American Caitlin Coleman and her Canadian husband Josh Boyle has been released by their Taliban captors. Coleman and Boyle were abducted in 2012, while on an ‘adventure trip‘ through Afghanistan. Coleman was pregnant at the time of their abduction and has since given birth to two sons. In the video, Coleman and Boyle explain that their captors are concerned about being killed by Afghan and American forces, and are seeking to leverage the lives of their hostages in order to secure their own safety.

From the International Business Times

Taliban video of abducted couple and children who face execution emerges

An American-Canadian couple held hostage by the Taliban since 2012 has appeared in a new video saying that they are being prepared for execution along with their two children. Canadian Joshua Boyle and American Caitlin Coleman fear that if their captors’ demands are not met then they will all be killed.

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From PennLive

Taliban hostage from York County appears with husband in new online video: Report

Coleman, who is from Stewartstown in York County, is reported to be in the hands of a criminal-come-terrorist group Haqqani Network. Coleman and her Canadian husband, Joshua Boyle, were captured by the Taliban in 2012 while on an adventure trip through Afghanistan. Pregnant at the time, the then-28-year-old gave birth while in captivity. Her child would now be somewhere between three and four years old.

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From ABC27

York County hostage of Taliban appears in new video

The video released today is suspected by counterterrorism officials to be linked to a recent kidnapping, likely by the Haqqani network, of two people including an American in the capital Kabul a few weeks ago. Both incidents are assessed to possibly be in retaliation for the recent death sentence given to Haqqani Network leader Siraj Haqqani’s brother Anas. Siraj Haqqani also serves as one of the deputy emirs of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, as the Taliban call their shadow government.

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From Global News

Joshua Boyle, Canadian held hostage in Afghanistan, pleads for help in new video

In a statement to The Associated Press Tuesday, Global Affairs Canada spokesman Michael O’Shaughnessy said the government will not comment further or release any information that might risk endangering the safety of Canadian citizens abroad, he added.

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