In the early hours of Monday, a couple was kidnapped and robbed by a fake Uber driver and two accomplices in the Sunninghill area. This is the third incident of this nature to happen around Fourways in the last few months. In July, a woman was reportedly abducted, raped and robbed in a very similar sounding situation.

From News 24

Couple attacked, kidnapped while taking a taxi home

The couple left the Movida nightclub in Sunninghill in the early hours of Monday morning and allegedly requested an Uber vehicle to pick them up at the venue.

They made use of the Uber app and paid attention to the details, including the type of vehicle and driver, as provided by the app.

“Shortly after departing, two men hiding in the boot pushed the back seats forward and got into the front of the car and stabbed my friend numerous times and bundled his girlfriend into the boot, eventually pulling my friend into the boot … all while the car was moving on the highway passing the William Nicol [Drive] off-ramp,” the man told News24 via email.

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From the Citizen

Couple assaulted, kidnapped, robbed in false Uber ride

This is the third alleged incident of its kind in the Fourways area in the past two months. In July, Fourways Review reported that a woman climbed into a vehicle that she believed was an Uber vehicle outside Montecasino. It was reported that two men were lying down in the back of the vehicle, and the woman was allegedly then tied up, locked in the boot, taken to an ATM and then assaulted and forced to withdraw money. She was taken to a veld in Tembisa and was allegedly raped and left for dead by the three men.

Then, on August 7, it was further reported that a woman got into a vehicle thinking it was an Uber vehicle outside Fourways Life Hospital, and she was strangled by two men hiding in the back seats. She was able to flee from the moving vehicle.

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