Over 13,000 people attended a rally in Paris on Sunday, demanding security and protesting crimes targeting Chinese people. Some have claimed that the police are not as supportive as they perhaps could be in the wake of crimes.

The protest was sparked by the August death of textile designer Chaoling Zhang, who died following a violent robbery in the suburb of Aubervilliers. At the start of August, a group of Chinese tourists were attacked with tear gas in a robbery near Charles de Gaulle airport.

From Reuters

Thousands rally in Paris to protest crime targeting Chinese

At least 13,000 people attended a rally in Paris on Sunday to protest against what they say is a crime wave targeting the Chinese community in France, police said, after a Chinese textile designer died after being mugged last month.

Demonstrators waving French flags and sporting T-shirts printed with the slogans “Stop violence, muggings, insecurity” or “Equality for all, security for all” marched from the Place de Republique square to the Bastille in eastern Paris, asking for more police protection.

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From France24 –

Thousands of Chinese Parisians rally to demand security after fatal mugging

The protesters, almost all wearing white T-shirts reading “Security for All” and many waving French flags, rallied at the Place de la Republique in central Paris.

Zhang Chaolin, who was 49, was set upon on August 7 by three thieves who tried to snatch a bag belonging to a friend of his. He died a few days later from his injuries.

Zhang’s image appeared on a giant banner in the middle of the square, under the words, splattered with red paint: “Zhang Chaolin, dead for nothing. Who will be next?”

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