A 20-year-old British tourist is on a dialysis machine in Greece after suspected methanol poisoning destroyed her kidneys and left her temporarily blind. Hannah Powell was hospitalised after a night out in Zante.

Methanol is used in some places as a cheap alcohol substitute. The Australian Government has put out warnings over its misuse in bars in Southeast Asia, as multiple tourists have suffered methanol poisoning in recent years.

From the Gazette Live

Teesside holidaymaker left blind after Greek trip goes tragically wrong

Hannah Powell, 20, underwent emergency treatment but remains in hospital on a dialysis machine and struggling to regain her sight after a night out during the trip to Zante with friends.

Now police are investigating whether her drink was laced with potentially deadly methanol causing the devastating reaction.

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From the Daily Mail

British tourist, 20, left BLIND after collapsing with kidney failure when her ‘party cocktail’ was spiked ‘with cheap alcohol’ on a Greek holiday island 

It is thought that methanol poisoning may have been a catalyst, although doctors believe it would not account for the full extent of Hannah’s condition.

Dr Dimitris Goumenos, head of the Kidney Clinic at the University Hospital, Patra, said last night: ‘When she came in Hannah was on the verge of being blind. 

‘The problem was much more serious than just a plain methanol poisoning. 

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