An engineer who has spent seven months travelling in a solar powered tuk-tuk to highlight the importance of viability of renewable energy had his passport and money stolen in Sarcelle, near Paris. To learn more about Naveen Rabelli’s tuk-tuk and his trip from India to the UK, please click here.

From the BBC

Solar tuk-tuk journey halted by robbery in France

An engineer travelling from India to Britain in a self-modified solar and electric-powered tuk-tuk has been robbed in France, derailing the final leg of a seven-month journey.

Naveen Rabelli had his passport and wallet stolen from his parked tuk-tuk in Sarcelles while using a bathroom.

He is waiting for a new passport to cross the English Channel and finish his journey at Buckingham Palace.

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From the Guardian

Tuk-tuk trip from India to UK halted by passport theft in France

“Till yesterday I had zero bad experiences,” Rabelli said. “People were absolutely loving my project/mission. Especially for them to imagine a guy from India to do this, [it] is exciting for them. I left the tuk only for 10 minutes or so. Normally I always have my things with me all the time. It was just this time, since I had to urgently use the toilet. I left my passport in the tuk-tuk.”

He has travelled through Iran, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Austria, Germany and Switzerland, and when he gets to London – hopefully on Monday – he will have racked up 6,200 miles (10,000km) in the vehicle he has named Tejas, which means radiance or brilliance.

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