American CEO of Utah Onions Inc., Bob Meek, was travelling in Chihuahua when he fell victim to a virtual kidnapping. He was threatened, a ransom was demanded and he was told to stay on the phone for 18 hours. More details of the case below.

From East Idaho News


Meek tells he was in Chihuahua, Mexico on a business trip when he received a phone call in his hotel room Thursday evening.

“The men on the phone knew where I was, what hotel room I was in and they demanded a ransom,” Meek says. “For the next 18 hours, we had a conversation and never hung up the phone.”

Meek’s incident is described as a “virtual kidnapping.” He never saw the kidnappers but they continually told him they were outside his hotel room with guns watching his every move.

“They said they would shoot me if I tried to run,” Meek recalls. “They threatened to cut off my body parts, kill me and torture me if I didn’t listen to every word they said.”

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