A British man, Paul Schofield, was on holiday in Iceland with his partner and they took a horse trek, during which he fell off his horse and injured his ribs quite badly. The couple returned to Reykjavík, where he slipped on the pavement. When they went to hospital to seek treatment, he mentioned the slip but not the fall from the horse, for fears of what the latter would mean for their travel insurance. He was treated for broken ribs, but the hospital did not undertake further tests. That evening, Mr Schofield collapsed and died due to his injuries.

The article below is very much worth reading.

From the Telegraph

British tourist dies in Iceland after failing to admit horse fall due to insurance fears

Miss Davies said: “He told them about the second incident of falling in the street and not the first. He and I were concerned about our insurance cover at that time.

“We were worried that they would consider horse riding to be a dangerous sport. We didn’t appreciate at the time that the situation would become so serious and we thought that his injuries would be investigated at the hospital.”

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