Thinking of packing up your life and escaping somewhere new? HSBC recently polled 27,000 expats around the world and asked them questions covering the economy, crime and safety.

There is an interactive map that allows you to select the different criteria countries were ranked on. The map below shows countries in order of how they were ranked for safety – Japan, Singapore and South Korea top the list. Click through and have a go yourselfhsbc-expats-survey

Below are some of the key findings from the report – click through to read the full report and to see the Expat Explorer League Table.

From HSBC –

Key Findings

Singapore ranks first in the overall Expat Explorer country league table as the best place to live, work and raise a family abroad. Over three in five (62%) expats living in Singapore say they are earning more and 66% agree that their quality of life is better.

There are cities around the world to suit every expat ambition, from improved quality of life to higher earnings. Nearly three quarters (71%) of expats in London and New York say working there will improve their job prospects when they move home or to another country. Meanwhile, 63% of expats say they feel safer in Toronto.

Younger expats stand out as the most likely of all age groups to move abroad in search of greater fulfilment at work, with nearly a quarter (22%) of expat millennials (aged 18-34) saying they moved abroad to find purpose in their career.

Living and working abroad can help expats progress faster towards achieving their longer-term financial goals. Two in five (40%) expats say life abroad has helped them speed up their saving for retirement, and almost a third (29%) say they have been able to save towards their children’s education more quickly.

Living abroad can make it easier for expats to buy property, with 67% of expats saying they own property either at home or abroad. Over two in five (41%) say expat life has accelerated their progress towards buying their first or their next property.

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