Chinese authorities arrested eighteen employees of Crown Resorts Ltd, reportedly for violation of ‘gambling crimes’ in a series of raids on Friday 14th of October. Three Australians are among those arrested. The American husband of one of the women being held has spoken out about her arrest and his subsequent fears for her well-being, as he has not heard from her.

The incident has raised concerns for foreign individuals and companies operating in China, as arrests and detention can be unexpected and somewhat arbitrary.

From the Sydney Morning Herald

High stakes over Crown arrests in China

Eighteen employees of James Packer’s Crown Resorts Ltd are being held in detention in China – three of them Australian – while their families desperately await news of their fate. 

From the little information available, the 18 appear to be under investigation for violating laws that prohibit the direct marketing of casinos in China. If charged and convicted of “gambling crimes” they could face 10 years’ prison.

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From the Guardian

Crown Resorts employee’s husband fears for wife arrested in China

Jeff Sikkema said he had not seen his wife, Jiang Ling, a Shanghai-based employee of Crown, since the early hours of last Friday when she was taken from the couple’s home in Shanghai by police.

Jiang was one of 18 employees of James Packer’s Crown Resorts, including three senior Australian executives, who were detained in a coordinated series of police actions across the country at around the same time.

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