Peace talks between Renamo and Frelimo faced further trouble at the weekend when the negotiation team, including EU mediators and representatives from South Africa and the Catholic Church, got caught in the crossfire. In the AFP piece below, opposition leader Afonso Dhlakama sets out his case that the military intended to ambush him at the talks. Separate talks reportedly resumed on Tuesday.

There have been many casualties in the recent hostilities, as both sides blame the other for attacks that often kill and injure civilians.

From the AFP

Mediator talks with Mozambique opposition leader cancelled

Secret peace talks between Mozambique’s opposition leader Afonso Dhlakama and EU mediators were called off at the weekend after fighting broke out between the military and ex-rebel fighters, local media reported Wednesday.

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From Africa Review

Mediators, Mozambique opposition leader escape death attempt

International mediators in Mozambique narrowly escaped death at Gorongosa village in Sofala’s province.

The team included European Union, representatives of Catholic Church and the South African government.

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