Elly Warren, a 20-year-old Australian backpacker, died last week in Tofo Beach, Mozambique. The circumstances of her death remain unclear – her family were told that she was raped and murdered, yet police report that there were no signs of rape or physical hallmarks of a struggle.

Ms Warren was in Mozambique for a diving trip and had reportedly expressed concerns about her safety to her father.

From news.com.au

Melbourne woman Elly Warren raped and murdered in ‘dangerous’ Mozambique

Elly Rose Warren, 20, was allegedly raped and murdered while on a beachside African holiday.

The young adventurer was reportedly snatched while returning alone to her beachfront backpackers accommodation from a party in Mozambique on Wednesday.

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From Yahoo 7 News –

Police baffled by death of Melbourne woman found in African toilet block

Despite this, Mozambique police have maintained Ms Warren was not raped and said she had no bruising and didn’t show signs of a struggle, according to The Age.

“It looks like a sudden death,” police spokesman Detective Juma Dauto said.

“We are in doubt as to what could have happened.”

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From Yahoo 7 News

Chilling final words of Melbourne woman who was ‘raped, murdered’ in Africa

Her tearful father, Paul Warren told 7 News of his daughter’s chilling last words before she jetted off to Africa.

“She even told me: ‘It’s dangerous dad, I don’t know if I should be going over there’,” he said.

“And I said to her: ‘Yes it is, very dangerous’.”

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