A government minister has claimed that 21 aid workers were abducted from the UN compound in Nhialdiu, Unity State, on Sunday. Lam Tungwar, Minister of Information in South Sudan’s proposed Northern Liech State, has stated several times that the aid workers were taken when SPLA-IO fighters overran the town. The UN World Food Programme has denied any of its workers were abducted and the SPLA-IO has said they did not abduct anyone.

From Vanguard

21 aid workers abducted from UN compound in South Sudan

Tungwar said in Juba that youths allied to opposition leader Riek Machar overrun the town of Nhialdiu on Sunday and abducted the aid workers who were residing in a UN compound.

He said that the abductees included one Kenyan national while the rest were South Sudanese working for different aid agencies.

“It was a surprise attack on Sunday where they overrun the town and looted property.

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From Radio Tamazuj

Civilian casualties alleged in Nhialdiu clashes; IO deny aid worker abductions

Speaking to Radio Tamazuj, Tungwar admitted that rebels overran Nhialdiu breifly but claimed that the government forces have since recaptured the area from the opposition. He also reiterated his earlier claim that the opposition abducted 21 aid workers including 20 South Sudanese nationals and one Kenyan national.

One aid agency that has worked in Nhialdiu area denied that any of its staff were abducted. “We do not have any WFP Staff members abducted in Nhialdu over the weekend,” said agency spokesman George Fominyen. 

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