An American judge who was abducted last week while in Cartagena, Colombia – either on vacation or for a conference – has been freed by an ‘elite anti-kidnapping unit’. The criminals had demanded $30,000 USD in ransom for Judge Benny Osorio, who sits on the Los Angeles Superior Court. The CBS Los Angeles piece below has more details.

From the BBC

Colombia police free abducted US judge in Cartagena

Judge Benny Osorio, who serves on the Los Angeles Superior Court, was freed on Thursday by an elite anti-kidnapping unit using intelligence information.

The kidnappers were common criminals who had demanded $30,000 (£24,000) for his release, prosecutors say.

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From CBS Los Angeles

L.A. County Judge Kidnapped In Colombia Is Rescued But His Whereabouts Unknown

Sources told CBS2’s Rachel Kim Osorio was in Colombia for a conference of the Mexican American Bar Association.

Police said the judge met a woman in the city of Cartagena. She gained his confidence, and he voluntarily followed her home.

Once there, the judge was held against his will by four people – two men and two women.

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