Two Qatari sisters were tear gassed and robbed after leaving Le Bourget airport, near Paris, on Monday night. The pair were travelling in a chauffeur driven Bentley that was forced to pull over at a service station. The masked theives took $5m worth of items, including jewellery and luggage. This stretch of road is well known from such crimes – the Independent article below details two similar incidents.

The Paris region has seen multiple high profile cases in recent months. In August a group of Chinese tourists were tear gassed and robbed as they were loading their luggage on to a tour bus near Charles de Gaulle airport. In September, thousands of people rallied in Paris to demand a response to crimes targeting Chinese people, following the death of a textile designer who died following an armed robbery. The armed robbery of Kim Kardashian in her private apartment last month has drawn attention from around the world, and last week Bollywood actress Maliki Sherawat was robbed on the Rue de La Faisanderie.

From the BBC

France Qatar: Two robbed of $5m in road hold-up near Paris

Masked men have robbed two Qatari women and their driver on a motorway north of Paris, taking valuables worth €5m (£4.5m; $5.6m), police sources say.

The sisters had just left Le Bourget airport in their Bentley on Monday evening when they were forced off the road and sprayed with tear gas.

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From Sky News

Qatari sisters tear-gassed and robbed on Paris motorway by masked men

After a chase, the three were forced to park at a service station along the road, according to French digital TV station BFMTV.

The men sprayed all three with tear gas before stealing items from the car including jewellery, clothing and luggage.

The A1, near the airport, is well known for hold-ups, with robbers using the traffic jams as an opportunity to pounce on their victims.

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From the Independent

Qatari women robbed of €5 million in valuables after car held up on Paris motorway near Le Bourget Airport

Monday’s robbery was not the first time cars have been targeted near Le Bourget. Last month, a taxi transporting the chief executive of a French company was held up after leaving the airport, with three robbers making off with an estimated €100,000 (£85,000) in valuables.

A Korean art collector was the target of a similar heist last year, with three attackers snatching €4m (£3.42m)  in jewels from her car.

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