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Violent Crime

Jamaica has a high rate of violent crime, particularly in the capital Kingston.  Much of this crime, which includes armed robbery, kidnapping and murder, is related to the presence of street gangs and organised criminal groups.

There is a particularly high incidence of crime in Kingston neighbourhoods such as West Kingston, Grant’s Pen, Tivoli Gardens, Trench Town, Arnett Gardens, August Town, Harbour View, Denham Town, Hannah Town, Cassava Piece and Mountain View. Crime is also high in Spanish Town and certain parts of Montego Bay (non-resort areas).

New Zealanders are advised to assure themselves their accommodation has appropriate security measures in place. Most hotels and resorts are well guarded and gated communities are considered the safest accommodation in the Kingston area. You should maintain a high level of security awareness, even when staying with family or friends.

New Zealanders should be aware that most attacks against tourists are financially motivated. Exercise particular vigilance while withdrawing money from ATMs. It is advisable to avoid wearing or displaying items that appear valuable, such jewellery and mobile devices. No resistance should be given if you are the victim of crime as this could lead to an escalation in violence. 

New Zealanders are advised to avoid walking alone or in isolated areas, including on beaches. Do not take buses at night and only use taxis approved by the Jamaica Union of Travellers’ Association. These taxis can be identified by their red and white license plates.

There have been outbreaks of violence on the Mountain View Avenue route from Kingston International Airport to the city. We advise New Zealanders travelling between the airport and the city use the alternative Humming Bird route along South Camp Road.

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