Manchester United and the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office have issued travel advice for fans travelling to Odessa for the match against Zorya Luhansk on December 8th. The information sent to fans urges them to avoid walking through the poorly lit park surrounding the stadium, as other fans have been attacked there in the past. They are also advised against wearing the team’s colours, as this could attract unwanted attention from rival fans and other, much less savoury elements. Please click through on the FCO advice above and the Manchester Untied advice below to read more.

From the Mirror

Manchester United fans issued warning letter about risk of attack if they travel for Europa League clash with Zorya Luhansk

They have told fans they are at risk of attack from organised gangs of Eastern Europeans and warned them they must be vigilant at all times if they intend to make the trip.

Fans have been warned not to wear United shirts or colours that would identify them as fans, and been advised that poor lighting on the route to the stadium leaves them vulnerable to attack.

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Manchester United fans warned of threat to safety for Zorya Luhansk trip

The club told fans travelling for the game in the Ukrainian city of Odessa on Dec. 8 to avoid drawing attention to themselves as “due to political sensitivity in the region it is not just opposition football fans who may potentially pose a risk to your safety.”

Fenerbahce fans and Feyenoord supporters were reportedly attacked during their group-stage matches, and United, who had issued advice warning of the dangers of the trip when making tickets available in September, have now sent out a reminder to those attending the game.

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From the Manchester United website –


The stadium is within a short walking distance from the city centre and is located within a wooded park where the lighting is very poor. For your own safety, shuttle buses will be in operation from 5.45pm (local time) from Cathedral Square and you are strongly advised to travel to the stadium on these police escorted buses. At the previous group stage games in the city there have been attacks on visiting fans, some in the park around the stadium so we therefore advise you not to walk through this park to the stadium. The shuttle buses will again be in operation after the game to take you back to the city centre.

Please click here to view a map of Cathedral Square and the surrounding area. 

For your safety and security you are advised not to wear Manchester United colours when in the Ukraine or attract attention to your presence in the city. Due to political sensitivity in the region it is not just opposition football fans who may potentially pose a risk to your safety. Incidents of serious disorder during the European Championships in France last summer involving violent individuals and groups emanating from Eastern Europe should be remembered when considering your movements and actions, and any potential risk.

Please click here to read the rest of the travel advice for fans headed to the match.

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