This very interesting article from the Guardian explores an accident that happened at an Airbnb rental earlier this year, for which Airbnb says it ‘could not be held liable for the accident or the injuries and has no duty of care towards them.

A group of friends hired an apartment in Brighton through Airbnb and four of them were very seriously injured when the balcony at the front of the property collapsed. The injuries have taken a toll physically, psychologically and financially. One of the men had to move out of his flat, as his loss of earnings that meant he was unable to pay rent. One of the young women was told she will not be able to give birth naturally.

The group are threatening legal action against Airbnb.

From the Guardian

Airbnb denies liability after guests plunge two storeys from balcony

Airbnb has refused to admit liability for multiple serious injuries suffered by a group of guests who fell two storeys when the balcony of their holiday rental in Brighton collapsed beneath them.

Four friends had to have hospital treatment, including one impaled on an iron railing, when what was advertised as a “balcony with sea view” sheared off, sending the guests tumbling into the basement footwell. They had rented the £217-a-night flat for a birthday celebration in July through the booming accommodation website, which is at the forefront of the fast-growing sharing economy.

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