An Italian tourist driving through South America on a motorbike was killed last week after a navigation error led him and his companion in to a favela in a Rio de Janeiro. The Local reports that Roberto Bardella was killed because he was ‘wearing a camera-mounted helmet, which the traffickers thought meant he was a police officer recording the incident.‘ He and his cousin were reportedly trying to find their way to the beach. Mr Bardella’s cousin was held captive for a few hours before being released.

From the Thomson Reuters Foundation

Italian tourist shot dead after entering Rio slum on motorcycle

The tourist, identified by police as 52-year-old Roberto Bardella, was sightseeing with an Italian companion, also on motorcycle, when their GPS navigation system led them into a favela, as many of Rio’s poor neighborhoods are known.

There, a group of armed bandits opened fire on the two travelers, police said, and forced them from their motorcycles. Bardella died and his companion, whom police did not identify, was released.

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From the Local

Italian tourist killed in Rio after GPS misdirection

“They were in Rio as tourists, visiting the statue of Christ the Redeemer, and they consulted their GPS to find their way to the beach,” civil police spokesman Fabio Cardoso told reporters.

They took the wrong road and arrived in Morro dos Prazeres (Mountain of Pleasures), a favela in the center of Rio, he said.

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