On Friday Californian Zia Zafar shot and injured a US Consular Official in Guadalajara, Jalisco. Mr Zafar has been arrested and deported to the USA. Vice consul Christopher Ashcroft is recovering in hospital. As yet, a motive for the attack remains unclear.

From the New York Times

U.S. Consulate Official Shot and Wounded in Mexico

An official working at the United States consulate in Guadalajara, the second-largest city in Mexico, was shot and wounded on Friday evening by a young man who stalked him in the parking lot of a shopping mall and then fired as he drove out.

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From NBC News

California Man Charged in Shooting of U.S. Consular Officer in Mexico

Ashcroft told investigators that as he was leaving his gym next to a Guadalajara shopping center early Friday evening, a man wearing what appeared to be blue medical scrubs and a wig started following him to his vehicle.

Ashcroft managed to lose the man and make it to his vehicle — only to have the man shoot him in the chest as exited the parking lot, according to the affidavit. Ashcroft remains in a Guadalajara hospital, the Justice Department said Tuesday.

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From the Guardian

Man arrested in shooting of American consular official in Guadalajara

The source said Zia was captured in a joint operation by the FBI, DEA and Jalisco state officials in Guadalajara’s affluent Providencia neighbourhood early on Sunday morning. The suspect had a .380 caliber pistol tucked into his waistband when he was arrested. The authorities also seized a Honda Accord with California license plates, a wig and sunglasses that may match those seen in footage of the shooting, and 16 ziplock bags containing 336 grams of a substance believed to be marijuana.

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