Last Friday a man was killed and another injured as they worked to removed landmines in Pailin, Cambodia. The pair were working for the Halo Trust and it is believed the landmine was triggered as they cleared vegetation.

Landmines continue to pose a serious threat in many places throughout the world. If you are visiting an area where landmines have been used in the past, please exercise caution! Keep an eye out for warning signs and/or areas that are fenced off, and follow the advice of local authorities.

From Cambodia Daily

One Deminer Killed, Another Injured by Landmine in Pailin

“Initial findings indicate that Mr. Reaksmey and his colleague were preparing a lane ahead of clearance and initiated an anti-personnel mine with a vegetation clearing tool,” Mr. Hovell said in an email on Friday.

“Fragmentation bypassed his protective equipment and caused severe injury to his head which led to his death seconds after the accident.” The hilly and forested area prevented the deminers from using “mechanical clearance assets,” he added.

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