Earlier this month, an Italian embassy official was robbed by two criminals impersonating police officers in Islamabad. A fake police officer stopped Gaim Marco Agostini and asked him to show his ID for security reasons. When Mr Agostini took out his wallet, the pair snatched it and fled.

In our piece on travel safety resolutions for 2017, Daniel Wheeler warned about trusting police officers while travelling. Daniel says that, “criminals will sometimes take advantage of peoples natural obedience to authority by pretending to be a police officer, or other government official. Ask politely to see their ID before letting them search you or your belongings.” To read more of Daniel’s advice and the rest of the expert tips for travel safety in 2017, please click through here.

From the Nation

Italian embassy staffer looted by police impersonators

They said the Italian national appeared before Kohsar police on January 6, 2017 and lodged a written complaint stating that he left his private guest house located in Sector F-7/4 at 7pm on January 5 for dinner in a nearby restaurant. On Marvi Road, two men in a car intercepted him near street number 52, he added.

The Italian embassy officer told police that the man sitting on the passenger seat introduced himself as a policeman while showing his official card and asked him to show his identity for security reasons.

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