A bloom of blue blubber jellyfish have covered Deception Bay, near Brisbane. Charlotte Watson took photos of the incredible occurrence and said they carpeted the beach ‘like bubble wrap’.

People should exercise some caution around these creatures – the blue blubber jellyfish sting can apparently hurt. Other, much more harmful, jellyfish are reportedly washing up on beaches elsewhere in Australia. If you have children or dogs on the beach with you, keep an eye on what they are doing. If you are swimming in the sea, consider wearing a stinger vest and make sure you know what to do in the case of an emergency.

From the Telegraph

Blanket of blue blubber jellyfish covers Queensland beach

The common blue blubber jellyfish grows to 35 centimetres in diameter and is not normally dangerous to humans unlike the infamous bluebottle, also known as Portuguese man o’ war, or the at times deadly Irukandji, which is found further north.

The blubber jellyfish sting, however, can hurt and a hot shower is recommended to treat any marine sting in south-east Queensland, Surf Live Saving Queensland says.

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From the BBC

Jellyfish wash up ‘like wallpaper’ on Australian beach

The Sunshine Coast Daily reported that recent strong north-easterly winds had contributed to a spike in jellyfish sightings.

According to Surf Life Saving Queensland, more than 22,800 swimmers were treated for stings by another jellyfish species, the bluebottle, on the Sunshine Coast from 1 December to 31 January.

Dr Dan Capps said he treated three dogs for stings at his Sunshine Coast veterinary clinic at the weekend.

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