An Australian woman is stuck in hospital in Thailand due to mounting medical bills that she is unable to pay.

Dawn Wheldon suffered a fractured skull, a brain injury and multiple broken bones when the motorcycle she and her son were riding collided head-on with a truck. Her treatment has cost at least $56,000 AUS and is expected to rise further. The hospital will not discharge her until the bill is paid and her travel insurance will not cover the costs.

Ms Weldon had insurance that covered riding a moped, but the engine size of the bike she hired meant she needed to hold a motorcycle licence in Australia, which she does not. Her friend is fundraising to cover the fees and said, “She’s a nurse, who has been working with the Red Cross and devoted her life to helping others, and would never have ridden the moped if she thought it was risky or knew she wasn’t covered, so I promise you she’s extremely deserving.

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Thai hospital refuses to discharge indebted Australians

Dawn Weldon was taken to hospital following a life-threatening moped accident, and is currently being held in a hospital in Thailand, unable to be discharged, until she has paid off her medical debt of $56,000. The 56-year-old Australian will need further treatment in Australia, but has also been quoted another $36,000 for medical transport back home.

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Australian tourist stuck in Thailand hospital with mounting medical bills

Australian tourist Dawn Weldon-Schupp was riding a moped with her 14-year-old son Josh when they collided head-on with a truck in the Thai resort district of Ko Lanta on January 15.

The 53-year-old nurse from Valla Beach on the NSW mid north coast has been in a critical condition at the Bangkok Hospital in Phuket ever since.

She suffered a brain injury, fractured skull, punctured lung and broken bones. Josh escaped with minor injuries and has since flown home.

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